Is Scanguard a Scam For Android?

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Recently, the search if ScanGuard is a good antivirus program has accelerated significantly. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, are searching for answers on Google about  ScanGuard. First, ScanGuard is a new antivirus program. So, it does not own the pedigree of some of the best antivirus programs on the market.

Also, ScanGuard’s parent company used a relatively large advertising campaign to promote its antivirus product. Much of his marketing campaign has used Facebook as the leading product launch platform.

What is ScanGuard?

ScanGuard Antivirus for Android is one of the latest mobile optimization and security tools.

In this review, we will examine ScanGuard and help you determine if it is a scam or not.


ScanGuard Antivirus for Android can be downloaded for free, but it does not protect your device. It provides a free diagnostic scan for device vulnerabilities and optimization suggestions, which will be enabled after purchasing a premium version. The company does not include a free trial but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. ScanGuard offers users three packages, including:

  • ScanGuard Essential Antivirus, which starts at $ 24.95 a year for the first subscription and $ 99.95 the following years.
  • ScanGuard Antivirus Pro, which starts at $ 39.95 in the first year of subscription and $ 119.95 next.
  • ScanGuard Ultimate Antivirus starts at $ 59.99 in the first year and $ 149.95 for additional annual subscriptions.

All packages are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Android is a security and optimization tool that protects Android devices from malware, viruses, adware, and ransomware, optimizing device performance. ScanGuard Antivirus for Android has been installed more than a million times and has been rated 3.5 out of 5 in the official Google Play app store.

In terms of protection, Scanguard offers the same protection as any other antivirus software.


Test Results

The ScanGuard installer for Android is 48 MB. The download was not long. If you already have a ScanGuard account, link it to your free license. It took about five minutes to create a ScanGuard Mobile account and start using the service. The application requires Android version 4.1 and later.

Reliability and Security

Independent laboratories have not yet verified the software. Therefore, it is impossible to assess its reliability based on official data.

Antivirus Protection

After installing ScanGuard Antivirus for Android, it performed an analysis that revealed harmful software and applications. Also, ScanGuard also identifies performance vulnerabilities and optimization suggestions.

The application protects against the latest malware, viruses, adware, and mobile ransomware. It also includes real-time protection that monitors all newly installed and updated apps and local APKs to detect threats before reaching your device.

Also, the app adds a secure browsing feature: a VPN service that allows users to surf the Internet safely and anonymously.

However, ScanGuard Antivirus for Android does not provide its software to any independent testing lab, such as AV-TEST or AV-Comparatives. Therefore, virus protection is not known.

Easy to Use

Without a doubt, ScanGuard is one of the most straightforward antivirus software for all users. The quick control buttons and the system, their primary functions, are in the main menu. You’ll also find quarantine buttons and real-time protection. All the necessary parameters and options are available, which is an advantage for them.

User Interface

Like the ScanGuard versions for Windows and Mac, the mobile application has a simple interface. All functions and functions are easily accessible.

Scanning Performance

ScanGuard Antivirus for Android performs a full scan to look for security and performance vulnerabilities. The check went smoothly and took only a few minutes. I did not notice any slowing down of the system during the analysis.

Support and Customer Service

The developers of this antivirus guarantee fast and user-friendly support for each client. They provide a wide range of quick answers to frequently asked questions about ordering, installing, activating, and updating the software on the official ScanGuard antivirus site. You can contact them by live chat for a personalized answer to a specific question. Website specialists promise to be ready to respond to user requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • The system detects and removes various types of threats, such as spyware, malware, trojans, keyloggers, parasites, and so on.
  • There are three packages of this antivirus. They have different sets of functions and prices so that each user can select what they need.
  • Works perfectly with all versions of Windows, plus iOS, Mac and Android; ScanGuard finds that the system is compatible with all major browsers.
  • Provide real-time web protection – your computer is secure even when you’re browsing, sending messages, making payments, and more.
  • Provides users with various parental control and password options, as well as a file manager and a VPN client.


  • The software has not been certified yet. This does not suggest that it is unreliable, but some users agree that it is better to select a certified antivirus program.
  • There is no free version. The only thing you can trust or not. There is no free trial period of one month or less.
  • There are no third-party antivirus test results; Therefore, it’s hard to say if it’s as good as the developers promise.


ScanGuard Antivirus for Android is a new antivirus and optimization tool for Android devices. The application is one of the most privacy-aware antivirus software packages in the market because it includes an integrated VPN service. However, because ScanGuard has not been tested by any independent, trusted testing agency, it is difficult to assess the application’s antivirus protection.

Also, many user testimonials indicate similar behavior to a malicious program. Besides, the results of the analysis are still identical, which raises many questions.

The lack of reaction from ScanGuard Antivirus raises another suspicion. Most user reviews are negative, but ScanGuard has not commented yet. You can also read this to compare.