Indoor Dog Cameras With Treat Dispenser

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Top Pet Cameras and Their Peculiarities

If you are thinking of getting a pet camera, be ready to face lots of options. There are several subcategories including the sorting by the animal type. You’ll also have to decide which extra features, e.g. laser toy or treat dispenser, you want.

Today, we’ll go over the most popular choices and some reasons for their popularity. Take a look at 3 options and discover their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to buy such gadgets and enjoy monitoring your furry friend when you are away.

The top choice for the indoor dog cameras with treat dispenser

Undoubtedly, the top solution is Furbo Dog Camera. It brings numerous advantages including:

  • A pet launcher,
  • Barking sensors,
  • Night vision, etc.

By the way, it stands out from the rest of the options by being able to detect barking. You’ll receive an alert whenever the dog starts barking. Pretty convenient for those whose pets have bad barking habits. This is also an opportunity to teach your dog to behave remotely.

The device will allow you to check up on the pup, talk to it using the two-way audio feature as well as give it a treat. As long as you keep teaching it new commands, you’ll be able to prevent lots of unpleasant situations. Furbo Dog Camera is one of the few options among the indoor dog cameras with treat dispenser. This is a rather pricey gadget that livestreams in FullHD and was created for dogs only. You won’t miss any fun and silly moments.

Other Worthy Options to Explore

You may also get Petzi Treat Cam that comes with a treat dispenser and allows giving your dog a treat. You’ll also experience other features including:

  • the 100-degree viewing angle,
  • the two-way audio, etc.

The gadget keeps tabs on the treats level. When it runs low on the treats, you’ll get automatic refills from Amazon Dash. This feature definitely makes it stand out. On the other hand, it’s rather basic and has some issues like treat jams or imaging. However, it directly reflected in the price that is lower than similar indoor cameras with treat dispenser. That’s why you must decide on the features you want more and the price you are willing to pay.

In case the indoor cameras with treat dispenser seem too expensive for you and this feature is not essential, you should take a closer look at Wyze Cam Pan. This is a very affordable option that hasn’t got any dog-focused features. However, two-way audio and wide-angle viewing make it worth your while. Moreover, it may boast of some other advantages like:

  • A full 360-degree view,
  • Night vision,
  • Motion detector,
  • HD video,
  • An affordable price, etc.

There are also the pan-and-tilt capabilities to prove this is the right solution. On the other hand, some users notice the drawbacks like noisy movement, delayed motion detection, etc.

Final Words

Getting a dog camera is a wonderful idea which brings you tons of advantages when chosen properly. Judging by these 3 options, you can now get the general idea of what to expect. So, define what exactly you need and get the device in your price range. Double-check the gadget provides with all pet-friendly features you need. You may also try looking at other brands like Petcube, PetChatz, etc.